PPT Expands Service Coverage to 23 States

June 12, 2017

Power Pro-Tech Services (PPT), a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of PowerSecure, announces the expansion of its service territory to include Colorado. This addition brings PPT’s service footprint to include 23 states.

PPT’s mission is to deliver the highest quality service and the most compelling economic value to companies that rely on critical power systems to protect and preserve the welfare of their customers, employees and business. “This expansion into Colorado is consistent with our organic growth objective to operate in all major markets in support of our customers,” said Jon Simmons, General Manager of Power Pro-Tech Services. “Our geographic footprint will be expanding all the more rapidly given the recent acquisition by PowerSecure, Inc.”

As previously announced, PPT was acquired by PowerSecure on April 7, 2017, adding enhanced field services to PowerSecure’s best-in-class suite of distributed infrastructure offerings.

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