Basics & Best Practices

Power Pro-Tech Best Practices

Basic Functionality of Generator Systems:

How a Generator Works by Doonan Power

Generator Sizing by Hipower

Portable Generator Pre-Start Checks by Hipower

Overview of Tier 4 Engine by John Deere

Generators and transfer switches: Emergency power system solutions

Consulting-Specifying Engineers provides a brief overview on selecting the appropriate generator, developing a load size, keeping the generator in accordance with code, choosing a generator fuel source and ensuring generator safety.

Engine Block Heaters for Generator Sets

North American Site Services outlines the basics of engine block heaters and how they are used to reduce engine wear, put less stress on the batteries, reduce engine start time and save fuel.

Understanding standby power system grounding

David Chesley, PE, LEED, AP, RCDD of Interface Engineering explains how proper electrical systems and transfer switch grounding and bonding can help preserve backup power when it is most needed.

Best Practices

Commissioning electrical systems in mission critical facilities

Joshua J. Gepner of Environmental Systems Designs, Inc. shares best practices for testing electrical systems and handling common challenges in a series of case studies from the functional performance testing phase of the commissioning process, which serves to ensure that a facility meets the design intent and owner’s requirements.

Integration: Power and fire/life safety systems

Consulting-Specifying Engineers highlights the codes and standards that pertain to power system integration and life safety power systems, as opposed to standby power systems, and which power systems are appropriate for life safety applications.

Generators and transfer switches for mission critical facilities

Consumer-Specifying Engineers outlines the basic requirements of codes pertaining to the design of generators and transfer switches used for standby or back-up power for commercial buildings.

Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime: An Analysis of the Financial Impact on Infrastructure Vulnerability

This white paper by Emerson Network Power analyzes the average cost of data center downtime during power outages, estimating a cost of $5,600 per minute, and provides recommendations for addressing specific data center infrastructure vulnerabilities and achieving the highest possible return on investment.

Diesel Particulate Filter General Information

Diesel Particulate Filters are static after-treatment devices installed in the exhaust of diesel-fueled equipment and use the heat and elements of the exhaust to reduce hydrocarbon. DPFs can typically reduce emissions of particulate matter by 85 to 90 percent or more.

Federal & State Incentive Programs

U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Incentive Program

The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy outlines the state-level energy incentive programs to fund public purpose programs, utility programs, state agency-sponsored energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and demand-response and load-management programs.